100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We clean every item carefully and effectively and we stand behind our work. We guarantee that we will respect your property and show it the utmost care. This stands for any item entrusted to us. We will use processes which are best suited to the texture and condition of the fabrics and materials making up each article.

We will inspect and advise you of any weak, tender, defective, or adulterated materials that could be damaged in processing. We will minimize normal wear and tear and talk to you when things are in need of repair (if we cannot simply repair them on the spot – like a shirt button, for example.)

Trimmings, buckles, belts, beads, buttons or any other accessory: If the accessories are damaged in the processing of the article we will replace with an identical match, however in some cases that is not possible so we will do our best to replace the accessories with the best possible alternative.

We will follow care labels: Please do not remove the care labels because they often provide us with valuable information about the garment. Removal of your care label may limit our ability to properly process the article, and could result in the article being cleaned at your own risk, however, we do have a lot of experience and modern training so this is a very low risk and you will be satisfied.