High-tech Cleaning Facility in Sherwood Park

We want to provide you with the best wet and dry cleaning services possible. We’ve fully equipped our facility with modern equipment specialized in all types of linen and garment cleaning.

  • Wedding Gowns and Formal Wear
  • Duvets, Comforters, Sleeping Bags, and Pillows (Our equipment is designed to maintain the integrity of down filled items.)
  • Leather and Suede Cleaning
  • Executive Shirt Sevices
  • Iron, Steam, Starch and/or Press
  • Laundry Services
  • Linens, Drapes, and Other Household Items
  • Alterations and Repairs

We use safe, eco-friendly “hydro-carbon” cleaning products which are healthy for both your family and the environment. Modern cleaning products are effective as powerful cleaners that are also gentle on your fabrics (even wedding gowns).

Odourless Cleaning: Smell The Difference

Garments cleaned with hydrocarbon solvents are completely odorless. They are also generally brighter with reduced wrinkling. Our equipment and our cleaning processes come from certified training for modern techniques as well as many years of experience in the business.

Hydrocarbon cleaning benefits include:

  • Exceptionally Effective Cleaning
  • Excellent Brightness
  • Gentle on Fabrics
  • Fabrics are Softer to The Touch: Feel The Difference

Thoroughly Inspected

Our trained and certified staff will inspect each garment for any areas needing extra attention before beginning the cleaning process. They will also look for loose or missing buttons, threads, fallen shoulder pads or hems.  Items are inspected and are repaired as needed.


Certified by DLI