We Clean Designer Clothing & Delicates: Protecting Your Valuables

We have the experience, equipment, and products to effectively clean your delicates including fabrics like silk. Our gentle process pays extra attention to the needs of these delicate fabrics to protect and revitalize the silk fibres. Your garments will be revitalized to their natural texture and colour.

Your valuable clothing needs extra care and attention to extend its life. We appreciate how expensive designer labels can be and we have a lot of experience cleaning all types of fabrics. Often it is the subtle parts of this type of clothing that go missed resulting in unexpected results when washing.  Our team pays attention to every detail and will appropriately assess the cleaning requirements of your clothing before beginning the process.

When you have expensive clothing and you want to protect the colours and the fabrics than our team knows exactly what to do in every case. We maintain certifications through modernization training and our cleaning methods are modern, high-tech, and effective. We know how to clean the many fabrics that your clothing can be made with and we know the most economical approach to cleaning all of them effectively.

We use eco-friendly products that are odourless and healthy. Your clothes will not have a lingering smell like dry cleaners used to have in the old days (which some cleaners still do).  You can also feel good knowing that what we use is safe for the family and safe for the planet.

Designer Clothing Cleaning Services