Executive Shirt Cleaning Service: Dry Clean Only or Wash

Bring your shirts to our cleaners or schedule a pickup. We will sort through all your clothing and inspect it for damage. Modern cleaning technologies have improved the way we clean shirts so some items which may have previously been dry clean only can actually be washed with our machines and products which will save you money where appropriate. We can determine the most suitable cleaning method for each garment depending on the fabrics and ensure that your shirts are returned to you in superior condition.

Executive shirts are treated for stains and will either be dry cleaned or wet cleaned depending on material. Shirts are dried on a delicate humidity sensitive dry cycle before being hand-pressed with soft steam. This results in a softer press that is less aggressive on fabrics and extends the life of your shirts. We wash your shirts paying extra attention to collars and cuffs. If your buttons are broken or missing we will replace them for you.

If you would like tailoring done on your shirts so they are more fitted to your figure than we can also take care of that for you.  There is nothing like a properly fitted dress shirt on your back when you go to work.

Executive Shirt Cleaning Service