Dry Clean Down Filled Pillows, Comforters, Duvets, and Sleeping Bags

We have specialized equipment ready to clean your down filled items. It will wash and dry your sleeping bags or other items without damaging the internal baffles which need extra care to protect. Our process is more effective than cleaning items at home in the bathtub, and definitely more delicate than washing in the machines you have at home.

Professionally cleaning your comforters and pillows will extend their usable life and protect them from wear and tear. Our products are eco-friendly which means they are safe on the planet as well as safe for your entire family. Whenever we clean down filled items, we first inspect for troublesome areas or damage and we offer repairs if required.

Call us today to speak with a certified cleaner about your requirements.  All of our staff have experience in the industry and also undergo modernization training using the latest equipment.

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